1) Do I need a referral?


Although not necessary, this is preferred.  Referrals typically ensure that there is a complete history prior to appointment, typically ensuring a more successful appointment. 

2) Does it cost anything to see a physician?


No, all appointments are covered with a valid Health Card.  

3) Do you communicate with my family doctor?


Yes, with your permission.  It is best to integrate all medical care given to you.  If you are referred, we are required to send a consultation report to your referring physician. 

4) Am I guaranteed a script for medical cannabis?


No!  Each patient that comes to GreenDot will be properly evaluated with a full history and physical as part of the evaluation process, but an appointment does not guarantee scripts.  Only patients that are deemed a good candidate will be prescribed a cannabinoid, either synthetic or grown, as part of a treatment plan.  

5) Will I be given a script on my first visit?


Maybe, each patient will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis.  If there is a clear diagnosis, with supporting documentation then a script may be written on the first visit.

6) How do I get marijuana after I am given the script?


Each patient has the right to choose which Licensed Producer (LP) they would like to order the medical marijuana.  The script will be sent by GreenDot to the LP, and the patient must register with the LP.  After a verification process, the patient may place their order with the producer.  

7) How do I know what strain to choose?


You will work with our health care team to choose the licensed producer, strain, and form of cannabinoid that would be most suitable.  

8) How do I learn more about Medical Marijuana?

At GreenDot Medical Center, we hope to educate you with as much information about your treatment and care.  There is always new information and research development.  Michael G. Degroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research is a wonderful resource with summarized and up-to-date information   Patients can check out Health Canada for more information.

10) Can I choose any licensed producer and the right to grow?


YES & YES!  All patients have the right to choose where they purchase and order their medication.  



9) How can I consume the Marijuana?


Product can be taken via inhalation (vaporization) and / or consumption via oils.  We do not recommend that you smoke cannabis.  It is only permitted by Health Canada that dried product and oils be prescribed to patients.  Legal edibles, extracts and topical agents are set to be available October 17, 2019 (